Get excited PB Pals because we’ve invited a new nut to the F&F lineup. Our new Cashew Butter is a creamy, smooth, bombshell of a butter made with only dry roasted cashew nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Legally blonde and naturally sweet, our new Cashew Butter is perfect for spreading, dolloping, drizzling, baking, homemade cashew milk, sauces or just eating straight off the spoon.

Our Fix & Fogg Cashew Butter is vegan friendly, and palm oil free as certified by the Orangutan Alliance.

For anyone unfamiliar with our new creamy Cashew Butter, we’ve popped up a bunch of recipes on our website with different ways you can use it. Cashew Butter caramel sauce, a creamy Cashew Butter mushroom pasta and an easy-peasy cashew milk recipe.

Ready for a new adventure?