Fix & Fogg PB Pals!

Behind any successful brand there is a community of loyal supporters who not only love the products - but want to spread the love, one jar at a time! We are fortunate to have a community of nut butter enthusiasts who go above and beyond to show their fandom.

The Flavour Artists

Our PB Pals take their creativity to the next level, elevating peanut butter to an art form. They experiment fearlessly, concocting scrumptious recipes that showcase the versatility of our product. Whether it's mouthwatering peanut butter cups, spicy satay sauce, or gram-worthy smoothie bowls, these culinary artists constantly surprise us with their imaginative use of our nut butters!

The Fact Spreaders

Our PB Pals aren't just passionate spooners; they are our most vocal brand advocates. They champion our products on social media platforms, in conversations with friends, and the family dinner table. Their genuine enthusiasm and authentic recommendations has widened the circle of PB pals.

The Feedback Friends

We are immensely grateful to our PB Pals who provide us with valuable feedback. Their insights and suggestions help us refine our existing products and influence new ones. Their excitement pushes us to continually innovate and raise the bar for quality, flavour, and our environmental impact.

PB Pals have been instrumental in shaping our brand's journey. Their support, creativity, advocacy, and love for Fix & Fogg continue to inspire us to create the best nut butters possible.

Our PB Pals include pups too! Check out our 'Fix & Dogg' post here  ❤️

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