Make the most of your…everything

We’ve teamed up with some of Wellington’s top chefs to think beyond toast. Pushing the limits of what nut butter can do. Turns out, just about everything.

With a fresh taste of peanut butter inspiration, featuring creations like…

Super Crunchy peanut butter noodles by Shepherd Elliot, Concord

Everything Butter Waffles by Kate Bresolin, Tomboy

Smooth peanut butter packed donut by Tim Tracey, Dough Bakery

Almond Butter Ice Cream, featuring our friends Duck Island Ice Cream

We're thrilled to team up with these talented local chefs to showcase how you can elevate your spread beyond bread, making the most of every meal.

With a brand new set of peanut butter inspiration, featuring noodles, waffles and donuts we are excited to show how to push your spread beyond bread and make the most of any meal.

“It has been an incredible experience working with some of New Zealand & best chefs and bakers. They’ve shown us that what you do with your Fix & Fogg is only limited by your imagination. It’s not just about how you spread your F&F, it’s about making the most of your... everything."

- Roman Jewell, Fix & Fogg founder

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