Ever thought about what life is like for celebrities? What if we told you that you could get a taste of the stars by simply indulging in a jar of one of our peanut butters? Stars have been spotted with our jars in their recipes, pantries, fridges and even their lunchboxes!

Our Everything Butter has gained the attention of none other than Friend’s star Courtney Cox and model Chrissy Teigen! Spotted in her shelves, our everything butter took centre stage. She couldn’t resist the nutty goodness and became a fan just like you. Next time you scoop straight from the jar, know that you’re in the company of friends.

Ever wonder what Superman eats for breakfast? Tyler Hoechlin snapped scooping straight from the jar, as everyone should! It’s no secret that celebs lead busy lives, often juggling multiple projects and commitments. When it comes to finding a quick and nourishing snack on set, Coffee and Maple Peanut Butter has become Hoechlin's go to choice. 

In the world of professional sports, it's common to find athletes sharing their secret ingredient for success. Seven-time Grand Slam Champion and former World No. 1, Venus Williams also finds a winning combination, our Almond Cashew and Maple Butter for her Vegan Chocolate Pie recipe!

From humble beginnings selling at Wellington farmer's markets 10 years ago, it's an incredible feeling to know that our jars of Fix & Fogg feature in pantries all over the globe.

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